Pure Vitamin E

  • $29.87

Our Natural Vitamin E is D Alpha Tocopherol which is a premium product, with high Alpha content when compared with Mixed Tocopherols. The Alpha comes in a natural mix with Beta, Gamma, and Delta Tocopherols as well.

There are two main uses for Vit E:

  1. Anti-oxidant. Gamma and delta are the most effective for this, which are both included in our Vitamin E.
  2. Free-radical scavenger: Alpha is the most important constituent for this, though it is also an anti-oxidant. The Alpha is the most expensive constituent, and our Vitamin E has a very high ratio of Alpha, with >70% Alpha, >16% Beta/Delta and 5% Gamma. Some “Mixed Tocopherols” have no Alpha at all, making them good as an anti-oxidant but not as a free radical scavenger.