Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense (Somalia)

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Boswellia carteri (Somalia)

  • Plant Family: Burseraceae.
  • Method of Extraction: The oil is steam distilled from the gum resin.
  • Properties: Antibacterial, Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Calmative, Immune tonic.
  • Contraindications: Non-toxic and non-irritant in prescribed doses.  Keep away from children.  Do not use during pregnancy
  • Did you know: Egyptian women used to paint their eyelids with the charred gum, it produced a black powder called Kohl, much like eyeliner that we use today.
  • Chakra: Base & Crown.
  • Chinese Element: Earth (& Metal).

A wonderfully rejuvenating oil excellent for skin care.  Emotionally, very good for muddled heads and conducive to meditation.  Also beneficial to respiratory problems.

GC REPORT (May 2018):   Frankincense Boswellia cartarii